Trends That Could Hurt More Than They Can Help

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Trends That Could Hurt More Than They Can Help




There is a huge difference between using intensity wisely and using intensity excessively. To reach your fitness goals, you will need to confront your limits and learn to handle discomfort. There is a fine line between muscle soreness and creating muscle damage.


Working Out Is Not Fun, But It’s An Obligation.


Any serious athlete knows that rest, recovery, and periodization (smartly modifying intensity based on goals, performance, and ability) are absolutely crucial to optimal performance. The trend of late has been to make workouts more militant based. Marine style workouts are becoming a trend with the intensity and rigor. The culture that we live in creates an image of aggression and it should not be passed on in your workout routine.




I Feel Like A Loser When I Miss Workout.


Recovery and stretching are crucial to the process of hypertrophy. There is no need to feel ashamed for taking time to get some R&R. In fact, without the proper recovery you could be reducing the overall gain from the exercise session



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